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Clancy Chassay (1980 - ) is an English journalist, screenwriter and filmmaker, who writes for various British newspapers, including the British news magazine The Economist and the newspapers The Independent, The Sunday Telegraph and The Guardian. In his childhood Chassay was briefly a child actor, appearing in two Derek Jarman films, as the young Ludwig Wittgenstein in Jarman's 1993 film Wittgenstein and the young Wilfred Owen, alongside Laurence Olivier, in Jarman's 1988 film War Requiem. He later went on to study Philosophy and International Relations at the University of Sussex in Brighton.

He became a Beirut-based correspondent for The Guardian and The Economist following the outbreak of the Lebanon war in July 2006. He has produced and directed documentaries for Channel 4 and The Guardian in the United States, Afghanistan, Myanmar, the Palestinian Territories and Chechnya.

In 2007 Chassay was nominated for the Rory Peck Award for Freelance Reporting and in 2008 was nominated for Best Multimedia Journalist at the British Press Awards.

Chassay is descended from British Prime Minister Lord North (1732-1792) and abolitionist Senator Hannibal Hamlin (1809-1891), who served as vice president to Abraham Lincoln.


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