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Ulster chiefdoms in the late 15th century.

Clandeboye (from the Irish Clann Aodha Buí; the family of Hugh with the blonde hair) is in modern times an area of Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. It is named after the Clandeboye family, a branch of the O'Neill dynasty. They settled in the 1330s after the death of the Earl of Ulster in what is now south Antrim and north Down, giving their name to the territory. The spelling of the name has varied over the years, and had been written variously as Clandeboye, Claneboye, Clandyboy, Clannaboy, and Clanaboy. Clandeboye has also been adopted as the name of an electoral ward of North Down Borough Council.

Kings and Princes of Clandeboye[edit]



The Border Chieftains of Ulster[edit]

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Coordinates: 54°38′31″N 5°43′01″W / 54.642°N 5.717°W / 54.642; -5.717