Clandestine Blaze

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Clandestine Blaze
Origin Lahti, Finland
Genres Black metal
Years active 1998–present
Labels End All Life
Northern Heritage
Associated acts Alchemy of the 20th Century, AM, Clinic of Torture, Creamface, Deathspell Omega, DOM, Fleshpress, Grunt, Morbid Savouring, Nicole 12, Nihilist Commando, Noise Waste, Pain Nail, Stabat Mater
Members Mikko Aspa

Clandestine Blaze is a one-man black metal band formed by Mikko Aspa in Lahti, Finland in 1998. Aspa cites Darkthrone, Burzum, Beherit and Bathory as key influences.[1] Aspa is also currently involved in many other projects, such as Stabat Mater, Creamface, Fleshpress, AM, Grunt, Clinic of Torture, Alchemy of the 20th Century and Nicole 12.[2]

Aspa is also the owner of Northern Heritage, a record label that has released albums by Baptism, Behexen, Deathspell Omega, Drudkh, Hate Forest, Ildjarn and Satanic Warmaster among others.[3] In addition, Aspa is the owner of CF Productions (which produces the Erotic Perversion magazines and Public Obscenities videos) and Freak Animal Records (which is a power electronics / noise label).


  • Mikko Aspa (vocals, all instruments)



  • Promo '98 (1998)
  • There Comes the Day... (Northern Heritage, 2001)
  • Below the Surface of Cold Earth (Northern Heritage, 2002)
  • Blood and Cum (Northern Heritage, 2002)
  • Goat - Creative Alienation (Northern Heritage, 2002)


Split albums and EPs[edit]

  • On the Mission EP (Northern Neritage, 1999)
  • Split with Deathspell Omega (Northern Heritage, 2001)
  • Split with Satanic Warmaster (Northern Heritage, 2004)
  • Crushing the Holy Trinity (Son) split with Musta Surma (Northern Heritage, 2005)


  • Archive Volume 1 (Northern Heritage, 2008)
  • Archive Volume 2 (Northern Heritage, 2008)
  • Archive Volume 3 (Northern Heritage, 2008)


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