Clangers & Mash

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Clangers & Mash
Clangers&Mash album cover.jpg
EP by Gwyneth Herbert
Released 1 November 2010
Genre Remix; Jazz; Singer-songwriter
Length 33:00
Label Naim Edge
Producer Seb Rochford
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
The Guardian 4/5 stars[1]
The Daily Telegraph 3/5 stars[2]

Clangers & Mash is an EP by British singer-songwriter Gwyneth Herbert. It was released on 1 November 2010 and was critically acclaimed, receiving a four-starred review from The Guardian.

The EP includes remixes, by Seb Rochford of Polar Bear, of some of Gwyneth Herbert's previously published songs as well as the song "Perfect Fit" which had been issued as a free download in October 2009[3] and was released as a single on 7 March 2011.[4][1]


Edwin Huxley, for Buzzin Pop Music, described it as "a mini-album that draws on the many sides of [Herbert's] musical world from stripped back ukulele strums through recent classics to dark-hearted remixes that present her work in a brand new light".[4]

In a four-starred review for The Guardian, jazz critic John Fordham described it as a "fascinating set of variations on the familiar for Herbert regulars, or an appealing introduction for jazz-averse newcomers", saying that although her songs had been radically transformed, "Herbert's unfussy soulfulness and personal vision always glow through".[1]

John Eyles, in a review for BBC Music, described the "fragility of Herbert’s performance" on the closing track, an a cappella version of "Midnight Oil", as "beautiful".[5]

Ivan Hewlett, writing for The Daily Telegraph, said that the song "Perfect Fit" "has such a guilessly catchy melody you can’t help being charmed by it."[2]

Track listing[edit]

No Title Lyrics and music Length
1 "Perfect Fit" (Radio Edit) 3:07
2 "My Mini & Me" (Polar Bear Remix) 4:38
3 "So Worn Out" (In the Bedroom) 2:53
4 "Narrow Man" (Girl After Shower Remix) 3:49
5 "Perfect Fit" (Mr. Solo & The Voluntary Butter Scheme Remix) 3:18
6 "Petite Cacahuete" 3:29
7 "So Worn Out" (Temper D Remix) 4:44
8 "Perfect Fit" (Original Version) 3:15
9 "Midnight Oil" (Acappella Version) 3:36 Total length = 32:51


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