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Clanwilliam (Irish: Clan Liam) is a barony in County Tipperary, Ireland. This geographical unit of land is one of 12 baronies in County Tipperary. Its chief town is Tipperary. The barony lies between Kilnamanagh Lower to the north (whose chief town is Dundrum), Iffa and Offa West to the south (whose chief town is Cahir) and Middle Third to the east (whose chief town is Cashel). It is currently administered by Tipperary County Council.

Legal context[edit]

Baronies were created after the Norman invasion of Ireland as divisions of counties and were used the administration of justice and the raising of revenue. While baronies continue to be officially defined units, they have been administratively obsolete since 1898. However, they continue to be used in land registration and in specification, such as in planning permissions. In many cases, a barony corresponds to an earlier Gaelic túath which had submitted to the Crown.

Modern times[edit]

When County Tipperary was split into North and South Ridings in 1836, Clanwilliam was allocated to the south riding. However, the neighbouring barony of Kilnamanagh was split into Upper and Lower half-baronies, being allocated to the north and south ridings respectively.[1]

Towns, villages and townlands of the barony[edit]

Bansha, Golden, Limerick Junction, Shronell, Newtown

Civil parishes of the barony[edit]

This table[2] lists an historical geographical sub-division of the barony known as the civil parish (not to be confused with an Ecclesiastical parish).

Name in Irish Name in English
Baile Ghrífín Ballygriffin
Brí Ois Bruis
Cill Airdrí Killardry
Cill Churnáin Kilcornan
Cill Fhiacal Kilfeakle
Cill Mhíolchon Kilmucklin
Cill tSeáin Kilshane
Cluain Abhla Clonoulty
Cluain Big Clonbeg
Cluain Bolg Clonbullogue
Cluain Peata Clonpet
An Corrdhaingean Cordangan
Corróg Corroge
Cuilleann Cullen
Daingean Deargáin Dangandargan
Dún Eochaille Donohill
Reilig Mhuire agus Áth Iseal Relickmurry and Athassel
An Gleann Bán Glenbane
Imleach Emly
Laitean Lattin
Ráth Laighnín Rathlynin
Srónaill Shronell
Sulchóid Bheag Solloghodbeg
or Soloheadbeg
Sulchóid Mhór Solloghodmore
Teampall Néire Templeneiry
An Teampall Nua Templenoe
Teampall Uí Bhrídeáin Templebredon
Tiobraid Árann Tipperary
Tuaim Toem
Uachtar Liag Oughterleague

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