Clanwilliam Dam

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Clanwilliam Dam
Clanwilliam Dam 2005.jpg
Clanwilliam Dam is located in Western Cape
Clanwilliam Dam
Location in the Western Cape
Official name Clanwilliam Dam
Country South Africa
Location Western Cape
Coordinates 32°11′5″S 18°52′1″E / 32.18472°S 18.86694°E / -32.18472; 18.86694Coordinates: 32°11′5″S 18°52′1″E / 32.18472°S 18.86694°E / -32.18472; 18.86694
Purpose Irrigation
Opening date 1935 (wall raised in 1964)
Owner(s) Department of Water Affairs
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Gravity dam
Impounds Olifants River
Height 43 m (141 ft)
Length 235 m (771 ft)
Creates Clanwilliam Dam Reservoir
Total capacity 121,800,000 m3 (4.30×109 cu ft)
Surface area 1,124 ha (2,780 acres)

Clanwilliam Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Olifants River, near Clanwilliam, Western Cape, South Africa. It was established in 1935, and the wall was raised to its current height of 43 metres (141 ft) in 1964.[1] The main purpose of the dam is to provide irrigation water to the agricultural region downstream. It has a capacity of 121,800,000 cubic metres (4.30×109 cu ft).[2]

The feasibility of raising the dam wall by another 15 metres has been investigated.

In 2015 an infrastructure development company has been appointed to do the supervision and contracts management of the project to raise the dam level. As of August 2015 the dam is planned to be raised by 13 meters, increasing its capacity by 70 million cubic metres of water.[3]

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