Clara Louisa Wells

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Clara Louisa Wells
Born 29th October 1838
Hallowell, Maine
Died 28th December 1925
Murcia - Spain
Nationality American
Education Degree in Science
Employer Writer and Inventor

Clara Louisa Wells was an American writer and inventor.


She was born in Maine, studied in Boston and took a degree in science. She had very good knowledge of Latin, Greek, Italian and French. She started work with her first publication, "Alban Hills - Vol. I - Frascati". Throughout her life she continued to write in Europe - (France) and America.

Near the end of her life she wrote a series of peace pamphlets on the League of Nations and European politic.


She has written the following books and other publications:

  • Wells, Clara Louisa (1878). The Alban Hills, Vol. I: Frascati. Rome, Italy: Barbera. OCLC 21996251. 
  • Wells, Clara Louisa (1883). The Amphitheatres of Ancient Rome. Boston, USA: Cupples. OCLC 916916. 
  • Wells, Clara Louisa (1887). Progetto per ottenere acqua potabile da tutti i mari. Pompeii, Italy. Pompeii, Italy. 
  • Wells, Clara Louisa (1897). Application for centres providing means for controlling and utilising volcanic, acqueous and meteorological forces. [citation needed]
  • Wells, Clara Louisa (1905). Arrondissement de Privas in the Department of Ardeche, France. Annonay, France: Becombe & Bon. 
  • 1906 Arrondissement of Valence in the Department of the Drome - France - ed. L'imprimerie valentinoise - Valence - Drome - Pos. A 525 Archives départementales de Valence - France
  • 1915 Arrondissement de Nice - France - ed. L'imprimerie valentinoise - Valence - Drome[citation needed]
  • 1915 A League between Nation - ed. L'imprimerie valentinoise - Valence (Drome) France - Series:Pamphlets on peace. No. 89 - LC Classification: JX1937.P3 n. 89.
  • Wells, Clara Louisa (1917). The Arrondissement of Grasse in the Department of the Alpes Maritimes, France. Grasse, France: Valence (Drome) L'Imprimerie valentinoise. OCLC 35523685. 
  • 1922 The Arrondissement of Puget-Théniers in the département of the Alpes Maritimes - Valence - France - ed. Imprimerie valentinoise[citation needed]

One copy of each her French works are kept in public library "Médiathèque Publique et Universitaire" de Valence (Drome) - France.


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