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Clara Mannes (born Clara Damrosch; 12 December 1869, Breslau, Silesia – 16 March 1948, New York City) was a German-born American musician and music educator. She and her brother Frank Damrosch also taught at the Veltin School for Girls in Manhattan.[1] With her husband, David Mannes, she founded the Mannes College The New School for Music in 1916 (then simply the David Mannes Music School).

Mannes was born in Breslau.[2] Her mother, Helene von Heimburg, was a former opera singer, and her father was conductor Leopold Damrosch. Her siblings were conductors Frank Damrosch and Walter Damrosch. Her parents were Lutheran (her paternal grandfather was Jewish).[3][4][5]

Her children were musician Leopold Mannes and author Marya Mannes.


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