Clara McMillen

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Clara Bracken McMillen
Clara McMillen yearbook photo.jpg
1921 photo from a yearbook
Born (1898-10-02)2 October 1898
Bloomington, Indiana
Died April 1982 (aged 83)
Occupation Biologist, sexologist
Known for Zoology, entomology
Spouse(s) Alfred Kinsey (1921–1956)

Clara Bracken McMillen (2 October 1898 – April 1982) contributed to the Kinsey Reports on human sexuality. She was married to Alfred Charles Kinsey.

Born in Bloomington, Indiana, McMillen majored in chemistry at Indiana University, graduating with Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and other honors. She also attended graduate school which she eventually left after marrying Alfred Kinsey. She first met him briefly the May he visited Indiana University before joining the faculty and they met again at a zoology department picnic in 1920. The couple were married from 3 June 1921 until Alfred's death in 1956. Alfred was bisexual and polyamorous.[1] Clara and Kinsey had an open relationship. Clara slept with other men (as well as with him) and Kinsey slept with other men, including his student Clyde Martin.[2][3]

Alfred and Clara had four children: Donald (1922–1927), Anne (1924), Joan (1925), and Bruce (1928). Donald died of diabetes just before his fifth birthday.

Laura Linney earned an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of McMillen in the film Kinsey.