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Clara Morgane
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Clara Morgane (French pronunciation: ​[klaʁa mɔʁˈɡan] is a French singer, media personality, TV host and former pornographic actress.


Clara Morgane first became notable as a porn star : she started making movies with her boyfriend Greg Centauro and Pierre Piot in 2000 and, after a few amateur shoots, quickly became a professional actress. She stopped her porn career after only two years and seven movies,[1] eventually ending her relationship with Centauro who did not wish to leave the porn industry. In 2001, she started hosting on Canal+ Le Journal du hard, a magazine dedicated to the industry. She hosted it for seven years.[2]

In 2003, she published her first autobiography, Sex Star.[citation needed]

Singing career[edit]

In 2007, she started a singing career. Rudy Lansard and Abdel Maalikoom produced her first song J'Aime.[citation needed] Her debut album, DéCLARAtions was released 18 June 2007, with a mixture of funk, hip-hop and R'n'B. Clara Morgane wrote the lyrics for all the songs.[citation needed] The first single, J'Aime featuring rapper Lord Kossity, and Sexy Girl have been available online since 26 March 2007.[citation needed]

Titles and awards[edit]

She received a Hot d'Or Award for "Best French Starlet" in 2001.[3]

She was elected the top French and eighth sexiest woman in the world by the French edition of the magazine FHM.[citation needed]




  • J'Aime (duo with Lord Kossity) (2007)
  • Sexy Girl (2007)
  • Nous Deux (2008)
  • Le Diable au Corps (2010)
  • IL (2011)
  • Good Time (2011)
  • Je t'Adore (2012)
  • Comme Un Boomerang (2012)
  • I’m so Excited (2014)
  • Eve (2015)
  • Mon Étage (2015)
  • Ouvre (2016)

Music videos[edit]

  • J'Aime
  • Sexy Girl
  • Nous Deux
  • Nous Deux (remix) (by Hakimakli)
  • Le Diable au Corps
  • Beautiful Things (Tiesto) (2005)
  • IL (2011)
  • Good Time (2011)
  • Good Time (acoustique) (2011)
  • Vous/Mademoiselle X (2011)
  • Je t'Adore (2012)
  • Comme Un Boomerang (2012)
  • Ce qu’il me faut (2013)
  • I’m so Excited (2014)
  • Eve (2015)
  • Mon Étage (2015)
  • Ouvre (2016)
  • Rouge (2017)


  • (in French) Sex Star, Adcan Edition, 2003, ISBN 2-84814-009-7
  • (in French) Kâma Sûtra, Adcan Edition, 2004, illustrated ISBN 2-9516572-1-8


  • Sarl Péché Capital Media (PCM) – created 2003-12-06
  • Sarl M Holding – created 2007-04-12

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Notes and references[edit]

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