Clara River

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Clara River is located in Queensland
Clara River
Location of Clara River mouth in Queensland
RegionNorth West Queensland, Gulf Country
Physical characteristics
SourceGregory Range
 ⁃ locationnear Bellfield
 ⁃ coordinates19°14′40″S 143°24′04″E / 19.24444°S 143.40111°E / -19.24444; 143.40111
 ⁃ elevation430 m (1,410 ft)
Mouthconfluence with the Norman River
 ⁃ location
south of Normanton
 ⁃ coordinates
18°27′24″S 141°18′25″E / 18.45667°S 141.30694°E / -18.45667; 141.30694Coordinates: 18°27′24″S 141°18′25″E / 18.45667°S 141.30694°E / -18.45667; 141.30694
 ⁃ elevation
25 m (82 ft)
Length385 km (239 mi)
Basin features
River systemNorman River catchment
 ⁃ rightBorer River

The Clara River is a river located in the Gulf Country of northwest Queensland, Australia.

The river rises in the Gregory Range near Bellfield and flows in a westerly direction, traversing tropical savanna plains and eventually discharging into the Norman River, south of Normanton.[2] From source to mouth, the Clara River is joined by the Borer River, Snowy Creek and Yarraman Creek, and descends 404 metres (1,325 ft) over its 385-kilometre (239 mi) course.[1]

The headwaters in the Gregory Range are made up of ephemeral water courses and stony ridges composed of sandstone and conglomerate.[3] The vegetation in the area is open forest which changes to savannah and grasslands of the open floodplains. The river and stream banks support riparian vegetation dominated by Red River Gum and Coolabah trees.[3]

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