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Clare Qualmann
Clare Qualmann

Clare Qualmann is a British multi-media performance artist based in London, UK. She is a senior lecturer in performing arts at the University of East London[1] and also teaches at London Metropolitan University.[2]


Qualmann's work uses a range of participatory methods to explore the routines and narratives of everyday life.[3][4] A large body of her work focuses on the practice of walking as a way to interrogate the familiarity of place[5] and has been described as “a kind of anti-dérive”.[4]

Qualmann is a member of walkwalkwalk with Gail Burton and Serena Korda, who practice "'an archaeology of the familiar and forgotten," organising public walks through familiar places deemed marginal or overlooked.[6]

As a solo artist Qualmann has further developed her walking practice. Qualmann is a founding member of the international Walking Artists Network, created in 2007.[7] Through the network Qualmann has organised numerous walking research events and exhibitions, including the Step by Step seminar series at the University of East London, the footwork research group,[8] and Where To? Towards the Future Steps of Walking at Falmouth University with Misha Myers.[9]

Selected Exhibitions[edit]

  • Collect Transform Repeat (2007) Michael West Gallery, Isle of Wight[10]
  • Spinning Stories (2008), with Emily Butterworth and The Woman’s Library[11]
    • on the role of, and places associated, with laundry in women’s lives.[12]
  • Untitled (Pencil on cotton handkerchief) (2009), Flash Company , Cecil Sharp House, London[13]
  • Perambulator (2014), Deveron Arts Walking Institute, Huntly[14]
  • East End Jam (2015), Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London Legacy Development Corporation[15]
  • Chinese Whispers (2015), part of Exeter University’s Gossip and Nonsense.[16]

With walk walk walk[edit]

  • Chip Shop Tour of E8 (2007), E8- The Heart of Hackney, Transition Gallery, London[17]
  • Nightwalks (2008), Stories from the Exeter Archive[6][18]
  • walk walk walk (2013), Walk On: 40 Years of Walking, Pitshangar Manor Gallery, Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, mac Birmingham, Plymouth City Museum and Gallery[19]
  • walk walk walk: stories from the Bethnal Green archive (2010), a permanent installation in the Bethnal Green Old Town Hall.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Clare Qualmann and Claire Hind (eds.) (2015) Ways to Wander. Axminster: Triarchy.
  • Gail Burton, Serena Korda, and Clare Qualmann (2009) Walkwalkwalk: Stories from the Exeter Archive. London: Site Projects.
  • Elizabeth LeMoine, Clare Qualmann and Susan Skingle (2006) Collect Transform Repeat. London: Site Projects.


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