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Clare Selgin Wolfowitz (born November 1945) is an expert[citation needed] on Indonesian anthropology. She currently works at the IRIS center at the University of Maryland, College Park in the Governance Institutions Group, primarily on its projects in Indonesia and with the Programs and Policy Coordination office of USAID. She also currently serves as a Board member for Health In Harmony, a non-profit based in Portland, OR that supports environmental conservation and health projects in Indonesia.

In 1968, she married Paul Wolfowitz, who became United States Deputy Secretary of Defense (2001–2005) and subsequently President of the World Bank Group. They had met while they were studying together at Cornell University in the mid-1960s and co-residing in the Telluride House. There are conflicting reports of their marital status.[1][2]

She is half sister to author, playwright, and illustrator Peter Selgin and economist George Selgin.

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