Claremont Square

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Claremont Square is a square and reservoir on Pentonville Road in the London Borough of Islington.


A reservoir - Upper Pond - was first here in the early 18th century. Following the passage of the Metropolis Water Act of 1852 a larger reservoir was constructed by the New River Company in 1855. Houses were later built around the square and the reservoir has since been drained and turfed over.

From street level it appears as a steep-sided mound where the top cannot be seen; this, along with the fact that it is completely closed to the public and completely surrounded with iron railings, gives the square something of an air of mystery.

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Coordinates: 51°31′52.4″N 0°6′37.2″W / 51.531222°N 0.110333°W / 51.531222; -0.110333