Clarence Petersen de la Motte

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CP de la Motte - "Officers of the Aurora", from With the "Aurora" in the Antarctic, 1911-1914 (1919).

Clarence Petersen de la Motte (born 1892, date of death unknown), commonly C. P. de la Motte, was a sailor originally from Bulli, New South Wales. During his early career, he served aboard the New Zealand barque Northern Chief and the steamship Warrimoo.[1] From 1911 to 1914, during the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, he served as Third Officer aboard the SY Aurora, under John King Davis.[2][3] Expedition Commander Douglas Mawson named Cape De la Motte, in George V Land, after him.[4] De la Motte joined the Aurora again in 1916, and served as First Officer during the rescue of the Ross Sea component of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, for which he was later awarded the Polar Medal.[1]


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