Clarence River (Alaska–Yukon)

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Clarence River
Countries Canada, United States
Territory/State Yukon, Alaska
 - coordinates 69°29′58″N 141°11′59″W / 69.49944°N 141.19972°W / 69.49944; -141.19972
Mouth Beaufort Sea
 - location Clarence Lagoon
 - elevation 0 ft (0 m)
 - coordinates 69°37′00″N 140°52′00″W / 69.61667°N 140.86667°W / 69.61667; -140.86667Coordinates: 69°37′00″N 140°52′00″W / 69.61667°N 140.86667°W / 69.61667; -140.86667
Length 50 mi (80 km)

Clarence River is a 50-mile (80 km) long river that flows through Yukon, Canada and the U.S. state of Alaska into the Beaufort Sea.


The Clarence River rises southwest of Mount Paige in Yukon, Canada and flows northwest and northeast, crossing the border several times into the North Slope Borough of Alaska. It empties out into Clarence Lagoon and finally the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean.[1]


The river was surveyed in 1826 by British explorer John Franklin as the westernmost river in the then-British territories on the Arctic coast near the line of demarcation with Russia. Franklin named the river Clarence in honor of Lord High Admiral Prince William, Duke of Clarence and St Andrews.[1][2]

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Clarence Lagoon is the northwestern-most point of the Yukon Territory, and also of continental Canada.


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