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The Clarendon ministry was forged out of the royalist camp of Charles II, who was returned to the throne (the English Restoration) in 1660. Two years previously, Lord Hyde (later Earl of Clarendon) had been appointed Lord Chancellor, and in 1660, he was joined by several other powerful statesmen, including the heir presumptive of the English throne, the Duke of York. After the Second Anglo-Dutch War, however, Charles lost confidence in his ministers, and in 1667, five statesmen took cooperative power in the Cabal ministry.

Lord Clarendon was impeached by the House of Commons and forced to flee; the Duke of Albemarle sold his position to George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham; and Sir George Carteret simply left his position, eventually being forced out of the House two years later.

Committee for Foreign Affairs[edit]

The Privy Council Committee for Foreign Affairs served as the Ministry; other significant statesmen not in the committee are listed in the next section. As the name of the ministry would suggest, Lord Clarendon (earlier Lord Hyde) was, in effect, the leader of the government.

Office Name Term Notes
Lord Chancellor The Lord Hyde 1660–1667 appointed 1658; created Earl of Clarendon in 1661
Lord High Treasurer The Earl of Southampton 1660–1667 died before government was dissolved
Lord Steward The Duke of Ormonde 1660–1667 also Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1662–1668)
Master of the Horse The Duke of Albemarle 1660–1667 also Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1660–1662)
Southern Secretary Sir Edward Nicholas 1660–1662 appointed 1654
Sir Henry Bennet, Bt. 1662–1667 created Baron Arlington in 1664
Northern Secretary Sir William Morice 1660–1667 created a baronet in 1661
Secretary to the Admiralty Sir William Coventry 1665–1667

Ministers not in Committee[edit]

Office Name Term Notes
Lord Privy Seal The Lord Robartes 1661–1667
Lord High Admiral Prince James, Duke of York 1660–1667
Lord Chamberlain The Earl of Manchester 1660–1667
Secretary of State for Scotland The Earl of Lauderdale 1660–1667
Chancellor of the Exchequer The Lord Ashley 1661–1667
Treasurer of the Navy Sir George Carteret, Bt. 1660–1667 also Vice-Chamberlain of the Household
Preceded by
Government of England
Succeeded by
Cabal ministry