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Clarine Harp

Clarine Harp is an American voice actress and the Director of Blu-Ray, DVD, and video production at Funimation.[1]

Her portrayal as Hibari Ginza in the 2006-2007 release of Speed Grapher won her an ADR Award as "Actress of the Month" for October 2006[2] as voted by members of the websites Dub Review and Anime on DVD.

Harp is also the inspiration for Aubrey Chorde, one of the main characters in the webcomic Something Positive by her friend R.K. Milholland.[3] He claims he decided to make the comic after she told him to do "something positive" with his life. She currently lives and works in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex area of Texas. Her hobbies include knitting, crafts and collecting Hello Kitty Memorabilia.


Anime voice roles[edit]


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