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Clark Clark is an American artist associated with the graffiti urban art movement. He is most known for his "VOTE" campaign for the 2008 presidential elections.[1] He originally started the project in the mid-west swing states,[2] but it quickly expanded nationwide.[3] The design[4] was an homage to the artist Robert Indiana and his Love (sculpture) artwork.

On the Fourth of July, 2010, Clark Clark's painting on a United States flag, titled "Evolve America", was censored from the "Reclaiming Space" art show at Clinton Hill Brooklyn's Gallery House. Clark was told the building owner was notified by the property manager of the painting, and the owner called his lawyer to demand it be removed.[5] The Tau Delta Phi-Delta Gamma Theta Alumni Association, an organization for alumni of a Pratt Institute fraternity, owns the building, but gallery curator Jonathan Levy claimed he was the one to make the decision.[6]

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