Clark Material Handling Company

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Clark Material Handling Company
Lexington, Kentucky
United States
Key people
Dennis Lawrence -
President and CEO
Scott Johnson -
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Chuck Moratz -
Senior Vice President Global Engineering
Michael Grossman -
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Dan Kaiser -
Director of Finance & Controller
ProductsMaterial handling trucks and supplies
Number of employees
ParentYoung An Hat Company
WebsiteClark Material Handling Company
German Clark forklift CY100PD

Clark Material Handling Company (or CMHC) is a manufacturer of forklift trucks based in Lexington, Kentucky. The company has a production plant in Changwon, South Korea. Clark currently (2018) offers some 304 different models.[1] According to the company, there are some 350,000 Clark forklift trucks currently in operation around the world.[2] Clark is credited with having invented the world's first truck with a hydraulic lifting mechanism in 1920, the Truclift, the forerunner to modern forklift trucks.

The company started as a manufacturer of transmissions and axles for the automobile industry. Since 2003, Clark has been owned by the Young An Hat Company of Korea.

Company facts[edit]

  • Clark Material Handling Company began as a division of Clark Equipment Company in 1917.[3]
  • In 1953 the factory in Mülheim an der Ruhr was opened.
  • In 1997 Clark built its 1,000,000 (millionth) forklift.
  • In 2017 Clark celebrated it's 100th year in business.


The Clark company has factories in Changwon (South Korea), Quingdao (China) and another one in Lexington, Kentucky.Clark is celebrating 100 years. They made the first forklift in 1917.

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