Clarke City, Quebec

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Clarke City
Clarke City.jpg
Coordinates: 50°11.5′N 66°38′W / 50.1917°N 66.633°W / 50.1917; -66.633Coordinates: 50°11.5′N 66°38′W / 50.1917°N 66.633°W / 50.1917; -66.633
Country  Canada
Province  Quebec
Region Côte-Nord
Regional county Sept-Rivières
Municipality Sept-Îles
Time zone EST (UTC-5)

Clarke City, called Paushtikᵘ in the Innu language,[1] is a community in the City of Sept-Îles, in the Quebec region of Côte-Nord. It is located roughly 20 kilometers west of the Sept-Îles city centre, on the Sainte-Marguerite River near Route 138. The name of the town originated from the Clarke brothers who established a paper mill there in 1903 to feed their publication house in Toronto. They also built a hydroelectric factory in 1908 and that year, the village was officially founded as the region's first closed city.[2][3] Also that year, the registers of the Saint-Cœur-de-Marie Parish began, counting some 400 persons in Clarke City.[4]

The city was amalgamated into the city of Sept-Îles in 1970 [2] and it is now a sector in the western part of Sept-Îles.


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