Clarks Knob

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Clarks Knob
Clarks Knob.jpg
Clarks Knob
Highest point
Elevation2,316 ft (706 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Coordinates40°2′52″N 77°45′2″W / 40.04778°N 77.75056°W / 40.04778; -77.75056Coordinates: 40°2′52″N 77°45′2″W / 40.04778°N 77.75056°W / 40.04778; -77.75056[1]
Clarks Knob is located in Pennsylvania
Clarks Knob
Clarks Knob
Location of Clarks Knob
LocationFranklin County, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Parent rangeBlue Mountain [2]
Topo mapUSGS Roxbury (PA) Quadrangle [2]
Easiest routeDrive up gravel road [1]

Clarks Knob is a summit in Franklin County, Pennsylvania.[3] It is the highest point on Blue Mountain, the eastern front range of Pennsylvania's Ridge and Valley Appalachians region.[2]


Clarks Knob's northeast-southwest running summit ridge forms the boundary of the Susquehanna River and Potomac River drainages.[2] It stands over 1,600 feet (488 m) above the town of Chambersburg and the Great Appalachian Valley. This mountain is protected within the Buchanan State Forest.[2]


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