Clarksville School of Theology

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Clarksville School of Theology is a seminary in Clayton, North Carolina. It was founded in Clarksville, Tennessee and was shut down in 1982 by legal action after it was determined that its curriculum did not meet state standards for granting an academic degree.[1][2] In the case, Tennessee ex rel. McLemore v. Clarksville School of Theology, the Tennessee Supreme Court upheld broad state regulation of a theological school that trained only ministers, offered no secular courses, and granted only theological degrees.[3][4]

In November of 1990, Dr. Roy Stewart retired from Clarksville School of Theology and Dr. Grover Twiddy became the second president of the school, consequently changing its name to Clarksville Theological Seminary and moving the college to Kinston, NC. As of January 15, 1996, Dr. Charles Ray Ennis became the third president and subsequently moved the school to its present location in Clayton, NC.