Class A (novel)

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Class A
Class A cover big.jpg
First edition cover
Author Robert Muchamore
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Children's, Thriller, Spy novel
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 287
ISBN 0-340-88154-2 (first edition, paperback)
OCLC 56651811
Preceded by The Recruit
Followed by Maximum Security

Class A, published as The Dealer in the United States,[1] and as The Mission for 5000 prints,[1] is the second book in the Robert Muchamore's novel series CHERUB. It continues the story of teenager James Adams and his fellow CHERUB agents as they try to bring down a feared drug gang led by Keith Moore. The book was originally to be called Drugs, Cars and Guns, but this was changed so as to sound appropriate for children.[2] It received generally good reviews although not as many awards as its predecessor, The Recruit. It is followed by Maximum Security.

It was released in the United Kingdom by Hodder Children's Books on 14 October 2004, and as The Dealer by Simon Pulse in the United States on 23 August 2011.


James' second mission
Book(s) Class A
Mission controller(s)
Target(s) Keith Moore's Gang (KMG)
Crime(s) Cocaine distribution
Result Green tickY Success

CHERUB agents Kerry, Nicole, Kyle, and James, are sent on a mission to infiltrate the drug gang KMG, led by criminal Keith Moore. The group attempts to befriend Moore's four children to attempt to gather evidence against KMG. James has the most success, becoming friends with Keith's youngest son Junior and begins delivering cocaine to KMG's customers. Meanwhile, Nicole begins dating Junior and they take a large amount of cocaine, nearly killing Nicole and resulting in her expulsion from CHERUB.

Kerry discovers KMG's cocaine processing location, and MI5 set up surveillance on it, resulting in the capture and imprisonment of many of KMG's senior members, but not Keith Moore. Moore invites James and Junior to come with him to Miami, intending to settle all his accounts and have some final time with Junior before escaping from Britain to avoid imprisonment. However, they want to join KMG's drug supplier who are attempting to rob Moore. James kills a man and escapes, but Moore is captured and imprisoned by the police. KMG is destroyed, so the agents return to campus.[3]



The book was originally to be titled Class A 'Drugs, Cars & Guns'. However, Hodder deemed it too inappropriate for a children's book, so Muchamore changed the title to Class A.[1]

When the book was published in America, publisher Simon Pulse renamed it The Dealer, due to concern that Americans wouldn't understand the title's reference to the British system of classing drugs.[1]

As a further order from a major book club, 5,000 copies were printed with the name The Mission as they didn't like the original title.[1]


An audiobook version of Class A was released, read by Julian Rhind-Tutt. It consisted of three CDs.[4]


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