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Class Comics is an independent comic books publisher, originally founded in 1995 by Patrick Fillion as Class Enterprises, which specializes in gay erotic comics. Class Comics Inc. is now run by Fillion and his partner Fraser out of Vancouver, Canada. Fillion has written and illustrated most of Class Comics current catalogue.

Class Comics publishes nine titles: Guardians of the Cube, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Camili-Cat, Naked Justice, Rapture, Deimos, Porky, "Rainbow Country" and The Pornomicon.

Class Comics has introduced their comic and art book collections to the German and French audience through European Publishers Bruno Gmünder and H & O Editions.

Artists on the company include French Logan and Max, as well as Spanish Ismael Alvarez.


  • Naked Justice: Volumes #1-2
  • Naked Justice: Beginnings
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed #1-4
  • Camili-Cat:Felinoids, Purrfection #1 and 2, Diplomatic Immunity and 20th Anniversary
  • Guardians of the Cube #1-5
  • Rapture #1-3
  • Deimos #0-1
  • Porky #1-3
  • The Pornomicon: One Shot
  • Rainbow Country #1-2
  • In the Blink of an Eye: One Shot
  • The Mark of Aeacus
  • The HvH Portfolio
  • The Mike Portfolio
  • Brother to Dragons #1
  • Zahn #1

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