Classic Pop (magazine)

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Classic Pop
EditorSteve Harnell
Editor-at-LargeIan Peel
Former editorsRik Flynn, Ian Peel
CategoriesMusic magazine
PublisherAnthem Publishing
FounderIan Peel
First issueOctober 2012
CountryUnited Kingdom

Classic Pop is a monthly British music magazine, which launched in October 2012.[1] It was devised and founded by Ian Peel, who was also editor for the first 19 issues. Rik Flynn stepped in as editor until Issue 23 followed by current editor Steve Harnell. Ian Peel remains involved as Founder & Editor-at-Large.[2]

Its overriding philosophy is summed up on one of its occasional series, Five Decades of... which interviews and appraises the work of an influential musician or group who may have been constantly overlooked my other media but who are nonetheless hugely influential and have been consistently active, releasing new music across the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s. Key Five Decades of... features have included Vince Clarke (Issue 10, pages 54–61), Duran Duran (Issue 1, pages 52–59), Simple Minds (Issue 2, pages 58–65) and Spandau Ballet (Issue 3, pages 50–57).

Classic Pop has also published special one-off editions commemorating the lives of David Bowie, Prince and Michael Jackson, as well as the careers of ABBA, Madonna, Paul McCartney and Elton John.


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