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Classic Rotors Museum
Classic Rotors Museum Logo.png
Established 1992
Location Ramona Airport, Ramona, California, USA
Coordinates 33°02′21″N 116°54′55″W / 33.039167°N 116.915278°W / 33.039167; -116.915278
Type Aviation Museum
Curator Mark DiCiero
View from the H-21's cockpit of the museum rotorcraft collection.

Classic Rotors is a flying aviation museum specializing in helicopters and other rotorcraft, located at the Ramona Airport in Ramona, California, United States.[1][2][3][4]

The museum bills itself as "the rare and vintage rotorcraft museum" and claims to be one of the "three dedicated rotorcraft museums in the world".[1]


The museum was founded in 1992 by Mark DiCiero after he built and learned to fly his own helicopter. The museum is a non-profit and all-volunteer organization, with no paid staff. The museum currently has five helicopters in flying condition, which are flown in air displays.[1]

The museum describes its mission as being:


The Piasecki H-21B in the Classic Rotors hangar.
A front view of the H-21.
The inside of the H-21 showing where the crew sits looking to the back of the helicopter.

The museum collection includes:[1][5]

  • Hiller UH-12
  • Kamov Ka-26 - registered N4106H it was built in 1976[6]
  • Piasecki H-21B - registered N64606, it is the only H-21 still flying today.[1][7][8] Built in 1957, the helicopter was obtained by Classic Rotors on January 23, 1990 and restored to flying condition. In 2008 it had an engine failure resulting in an emergency landing in a field at a dairy farm in San Pasqual Valley in California. It was returned to the museum and repaired to flying condition again in October 2009. The cause of the engine failure was a spring on one of the pistons that broke.
  • Sikorsky H-19
On display
Under restoration
  • Vertol V-44B - Once obtained by the museum, it will be restored to flying condition.
  • Piasecki HUP-1 - Was the only HUP-1 still flying,[1] until it was crashed in November 2009

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