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Classics Jennifer Rush.jpg
Studio album by Jennifer Rush
Released 9 November 1998
Genre Pop, classical
Label Virgin Records
Jennifer Rush chronology
Stronghold - The Collector's Hit Box

Classics is the ninth studio album by American singer Jennifer Rush.[1]

Having been classically trained as a singer years earlier, Jennifer Rush went back to her roots (her father was a tenor) and recorded a selection of her past hits with the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra.[2] These were vast reworkings of the songs, where many had been originally uptempo pop tunes were now slow and dramatic works, such as "Ring of Ice" and "I Come Undone". As well as these, four new songs were included on the collection, including lead single "The End of a Journey".[3] The album was released in several European countries, reaching No.34 in the German charts.[3] This version of "Ring of Ice" was released a year later as a Promo-only single to coincide with her Classics tour.[4] Rush undertook a tour with the Orchestra based on this album in 1999, which proved popular and appeared on several television shows with them, including on one occasion, in a duet with José Carreras.[2]

Classics remained Jennifer Rush's last album for more than a decade, as she spent the next few years away from the business apart from occasional recordings on various soundtrack albums.[3][5] In 2007, she released an album of previously unreleased and rare material and announced a return to the recording studio for her first album in ten years.[6]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The End of a Journey"
  2. "The Power of Love"
  3. "Ring of Ice"
  4. "Destiny"
  5. "I Come Undone"
  6. "All I Want is You"
  7. "The Last Day of Summer"
  8. "25 Lovers"
  9. "Heart Over Mind"
  10. "You'll Never Catch Me Dreaming"
  11. "Ave Maria"
  12. "Hero of a Fool"


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