Classified: The Edward Snowden Story

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Classified: The Edward Snowden Story
Directed byJason Bourque
StarringKevin Zegers
Michael Shanks
Carmen Aguirre
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Travis Doering
DistributorThe Pirate Bay
Budget$1.7 million

Classified: The Edward Snowden Story was a 2014 feature film by Jason Bourque and Travis Doering starring Kevin Zegers, Michael Shanks and Carmen Aguirre.


Classified: The Edward Snowden Story told the story of Edward Snowden starting from the time he enlisted in the US army. In this 2 hour feature, they explore the events leading up to the release of classified information on the National Security Agency's various surveillance programs.


Funding & Cancellation[edit]

Classified: The Edward Snowden Story[1] was financed via crowdfunding on the popular website Kickstarter and was scheduled to be released under the creative commons licence for free on September 19, 2014 via The Pirate Bay. In January 2014 the producers announced that "Classified" would be split into two separate projects one titled "Vulnerability",[2] a documentary that focuses on IT security and the internet. The second, a feature film based on Snowden's life that would be produced in cooperation with likeminded production companies and film distributors in the near future. In January 2014 existing backers from "Classified" had the option to transfer their donations to "Vulnerability" or have the funds fully refunded. "Vulnerability" began filming in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 10, 2014.


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