Classique des Alpes

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Classique des Alpes
Race details
Date Early June
Region Savoy, France
English name Classic of the Alps
Local name(s) Classique des Alpes Élites (in French)
Discipline Road
Type One-day
Organiser ASO
First edition 1991 (1991)
Editions 14
Final edition 2004
First winner  Charly Mottet (FRA)
Most wins  Laurent Jalabert (FRA) (2 wins)
Final winner  Óscar Pereiro (ESP)

Classique des Alpes was a classic taking place as a mountainous single-day cycling race. It took place in Chartreuse Mountains, beginning in Chambéry and finishing in Aix-les-Bains.

It was held between 1991 and 2004, a day before the start of the Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré. Following the 2004 edition, Jean-Marie Leblanc, head of the organising body the Amaury Sport Organisation, announced the race would no longer take place as the cycling teams were not supportive of the race.[1] Charly Mottet, the first winner of the race, said that the race would have been more successful in August, following the Tour de France, as the climbing specialists would have been in form.[2]

In 1995, a junior version of the Classique des Alpes was organised, which was continued after the senior version was cancelled.[3]

Winners Elite race[edit]

Rider Team
1991 France Charly Mottet (FRA)
1992 France Gilles Delion (FRA)
1993 Netherlands Eddy Bouwmans (NED)
1994 Colombia Oliverio Rincon (COL)
1995 Spain Ramon Gonzalez Arrieta (ESP)
1996 France Laurent Jalabert (FRA)
1997 France Laurent Roux (FRA)
1998 France Laurent Jalabert (FRA)
1999 Spain Unai Osa (ESP)
2000 Spain José María Jiménez (ESP)
2001 Spain Iban Mayo (ESP)
2002 Colombia Santiago Botero (COL)
2003 Spain Francisco Mancebo (ESP)
2004 Spain Óscar Pereiro (ESP)

Winners junior race[edit]

Rider Team
1995 France Grégory Lapalud (FRA)
1996 France Loïc Lamouller (FRA)
1997 Netherlands Roel Egelmeers (NED)
1998 France Julien Laidoun (FRA)
1999 Netherlands Pieter Weening (NED)
2000 France Mikael Malle (FRA)
2001 Netherlands Marc de Maar (NED)
2002 France Florian Vachon (FRA)
2003 France Julien Loubet (FRA)
2004 Belgium Pieter Jacobs (BEL)
2005 Moldova Alexandr Pliuschin (MDA)
2006 Belgium Jan Ghyselinck (BEL)
2007 France Fabien Taiilefer (FRA)
2008 France Johan Le Bon (FRA)
2009 Belgium Tim Wellens (BEL)
2010 France Alexis Dulin (FRA)
2011 France Pierre-Roger Latour (FRA)


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