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Claude Dulong-Sainteny
Born (1922-06-12)June 12, 1922
Limoges (France)
Died October 29, 2017(2017-10-29) (aged 95)
Citizenship  France
Alma mater École Nationale des Chartes
Spouse(s) Jean Sainteny
Awards Académie des sciences morales et politiques
Scientific career
Fields History
Institutions Versailles classified municipal library
Thesis Ciperis de Vignevaux, chanson de geste du début du XVe siècle. Etude et édition (1945)

Claude Dulong-Sainteny or Marguerite-Claude Badalo-Dulong or Claude Dulong (12 June 1922 in Limoges – 29 October 2017) was a French historian.[1]


Graduate of the École Nationale des Chartes in 1945, then graduate in literature, she became librarian in particular in the Versailles classified municipal library.[2]

She first became interested in the Middle Ages, her research focused thereafter on the 17th century.

She married Jean Sainteny and circulated among the gaulliste political circles.

In 1953, she took part in a seminar organized in Harvard by Henry Kissinger. This participation with Jean Sainteny provided a link between the American government and Ho Chi Minh for secret negotiations.[3][4]

In 1995, she was elected in the Académie des sciences morales et politiques, in place of Jean Laloy.[5]


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