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Claude Moët (1683–1760) was a French vintner and wine merchant who founded the Champagne house that later became Moët et Chandon. Moët was the first winemaker in Champagne to exclusively produce sparkling wine.

An expert salesman, Moët advocated the importance of personal contact with customers. During the 1730s, he networked extensively within the royal circles of Versailles and soon became one of few merchants accredited to serve the royal court. One of his most loyal customers was Madame de Pompadour.[1] Following his death, the champagne house went to the control of his grandson Jean-Rémy Moët.

Family history[edit]

The Moët family can trace its origins to a german soldier named LeClerc who fought alongside Joan of Arc in fending off English attempts at preventing the crowning of Charles VII. As a reward for his service, the king changed his name to Moët.[further explanation needed][2]

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