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The Toronto District School Board is Canada's largest school board governing 451 elementary schools, 110 secondary schools, 5 adult education schools educating over 289,577 students.

There are several types of schools in the TDSB:

  • A Public School is a basic elementary School that is most commonly with K–8 schools but may appear with K–5 or K–6 as Junior Public School (used by the former Scarborough Board of Education) or Junior School (used by some schools, for instance, in the former Etobicoke Board of Education).
  • In most cases, an Elementary/Middle School almost always appears with a K–8 school. The term, Junior Middle School/Academy, is used in most Etobicoke schools as well as Community School found in various places in the schools of the former Toronto Board of Education.
  • A Middle School is an Intermediate school from Grade 6-8 level. Constantly, Senior Public School runs from Grades 7–8 level found in Scarborough schools. In the former North York Board of Education, a Junior High School exists from Grade 7–9, but in certain cases, grades 6–8.
  • A Collegiate Institute is a basic high school with all types of subjects available (Arts, Tech, French etc.) in grades 9–12 levels of Academic, Applied, College, University, or Open.
  • On the hands-on side, a Business and Technical Institute is a specialized school for students who prefer hands-on skills or who are not at a collegiate level. The term is only found in a few Scarborough schools and were originally called, Vocational School. In most cases, a High School Is a basic level school for students who can't learn at a collegiate level.
  • Similar to a Collegiate level, Secondary School consists of all units of subjects but is more Academic based. Also used in Etobicoke more as a vocational school and the term Collegiate and Technical Institute is predominantly found at Danforth CTI.
  • Like the Secondary or Collegiate types, an Academy is more of a title then a way to tell two schools apart but some schools may have a stronger academic focus on a subject then most other schools as a specialized component. (For example, Etobicoke School of the Arts has a strong academic focus on the Arts).
  • An Alternative School may be for students who are at risk or failing or it may refer to schools that focus on independent study and are structured like university. In some cases, the EdVance or Diploma program is served to 18- to 20-year-olds who are out of or returning to school similar to a collegiate level.
  • For adults over 21 who are returning to school or improving their skills, an Adult Learning Centres are offered.
  • An Safe and Caring School is a special program for suspended or expelled students who are out of school or at-risk for improper behavioural issues at their home school.

The board also has oversight over 100 non-operating TDSB-owned school land and properties through their Toronto Lands Corporation (TLC) branch.


Name Location Dates Students Notes Image
Alpha II Alternative School Bloor and Dufferin Founded 2007 Alternative school
A. Y. Jackson Secondary School Hillcrest Village Founded 1970 1214 A. Y. Jackson Secondary School (Toronto).jpg
Agincourt Collegiate Institute Agincourt Founded 1915 1356 Agincourt Collegiate Institute.JPG
Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute Brimwood Founded 1976 2600 Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute.JPG
Alternative Scarborough Education 1 Bendale Founded 1980s 139 Alternative school,formerly Highbrook Sr. PS c. 1968
Avondale Elementary & Secondary Alternative Willowdale 1964 82 Alternative school
Bathurst Heights Secondary School Bathurst Heights 1955 Closed 2001, today John Polanyi Collegiate Insititute (2011) John Polanyi Collegiate Insititute.jpg
Bendale Business & Technical Institute Bendale 1963 572 To be merged with David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute[1]
Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute Birch Cliff 1964 1335 Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute.JPG
Bloor Collegiate Institute Dufferin Grove Founded 1925 522 Bloor Collegiate Institute.jpg
C. W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute Northwood Park 1965 834
Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute Cedarbrae Founded 1961 1267 Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute.JPG
Central Commerce Collegiate Palmerston-Little Italy Founded 1916 667 Central Commerce Collegiate.jpg
Central Etobicoke High School Richview 1969 304 Special needs school Central Etobicoke High School.JPG
Central Technical School Bathurst and Harbord Founded 1915 1785 Central Technical School.JPG
City School Harbourfront Founded 1979 96 Alternative school
Contact Alternative School University and Dundas 225 Alternative school
Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute The Danforth Founded 1923 1092 Danforth Collegiate.JPG
David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute Bendale Founded 1958 1180 Merging and moving to Bendale BTI; site to be sold and demolished 2015 David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute.JPG
Delphi Secondary Alternative School Agincourt 133 Alternative school
Don Mills Collegiate Institute Don Mills Founded 1959 1025 Gifted Program DMCIPhoto.jpg
Downsview Secondary School Downsview Founded 1955 578
Dr Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute Agincourt Founded 1979 1284 Dr Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute.JPG
Drewry Secondary School Newtonbrook 145 Special needs school Drewry Secondary School.JPG
Earl Haig Secondary School Willowdale Founded 1929 2026 EHSS Outside.jpg
East York Alternative Secondary School Old East York 110 Alternative school
East York Collegiate Institute Old East York Founded 1927 1650 East York Collegiate.JPG
Eastdale Collegiate Institute Riverdale 219 Eastdale Collegiate Institute.JPG
Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute The Danforth Founded 1925 574 Also home to Subway Academy I Eastern Commerce Collegiate.JPG
Emery Collegiate Institute Emery 1961 901
Etobicoke Collegiate Institute Etobicoke Founded 1928 1311 Etobicoke Collegiate Institute.JPG
Etobicoke School of the Arts The Queensway Founded 1981 866 Arts school Etobicoke School of the Arts.jpg
Etobicoke Year-Round Alternative Centre Eatonville 49 Alternative school
Forest Hill Collegiate Institute Forest Hill Founded 1946 885 Forest Hill Collegiate Institute.JPG
Frank Oke Secondary School Mount Dennis 120 Special needs school Frank Oke Secondary School.JPG
George Harvey Collegiate Institute Keelesdale 1950 792 George Harvey Collegiate Institute.JPG
George S. Henry Academy Graydon Hall 1965 822
Georges Vanier Secondary School Don Valley Village 1968 793 Georges Vanier Secondary.JPG
Greenwood Secondary School East Danforth Founded 1965 226 English as a second language school Greenwood Secondary School.JPG
Harbord Collegiate Institute Harbord Village Founded 1892 976 Harbord CI.JPG
Heydon Park Secondary School Baldwin Village Founded 1962 178 All girls school, former St. Patrick. Heydon Park Secondary School.JPG
Humberside Collegiate Institute High Park North Founded 1892 1040 Humberside Collegiate Institute.JPG
Inglenook Community High School Corktown 1974 99 Alternative school; built as Sackville Street School 1887 Inglenook School.jpg
Island Public/Natural Science School Centre Island 1960 Public school
Jarvis Collegiate Institute Jarvis and Wellesley Founded 1807 1099 First public secondary school in Toronto Jarvis CI.JPG
John Polanyi Collegiate Insititute Bathurst Heights 2011 On the site of what was Bathurst Heights Secondary School John Polanyi Collegiate Insititute.jpg
Keiller Mackay Collegiate Institute Etobicoke 1971–1981 Closed, today Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School.JPG
Kingsmill Vocational School The Queensway – Humber Bay 1961 Closed, now Bishop Allen Academy Bishop Allen Academy.jpg
Kipling Collegiate Institute Richview Founded 1960 689 Kipling Collegiate Institute.JPG
L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute L'Amoreaux Founded 1973 917 L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute.JPG
Lakeshore Collegiate Institute New Toronto 1950 887 Lakeshore Collegiate Institute.jpg
Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute Lawrence Park Founded 1936 943 Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute.JPG
Leaside High School Leaside Founded 1945 965 Leaside High School.JPG
Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute Malvern 1978 1132 Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute.JPG
Malvern Collegiate Institute Upper Beaches Founded 1903 996 Malvern Collegiate.JPG
Maplewood High School West Hill 265 Special needs school Maplewood High School.JPG
Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute (formerly Overlea Collegiate) Flemingdon Park Founded 1973 1823 Host school of the Talented Offerings for Programs in the Sciences (TOPS) Program. Specialist High School Major (SHSM) is also offered. Marc Garneau Collegiate Inst.JPG
Martingrove Collegiate Institute Etobicoke Founded 1966 1161 Gifted Program
Midland Avenue Collegiate Institute
Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies
Scarborough Junction 1961–2000
Founded 1986 (moved 2010)
Closed, Reopened as SCAS today. Bond College of Business and Technology.JPG
Monarch Park Collegiate East Danforth Founded 1964 784 Monarch Park Collegiate.JPG
Nelson A. Boylen Collegiate Institute Downsview 370
Newtonbrook Secondary School Newtonbrook Founded 1964 1247 Newtonbrook Secondary School.JPG
North Albion Collegiate Institute Rexdale, Toronto Founded 1962 1098 Nalbion.jpg
North East Year-Round Alternative Centre Don Valley Village 23 Alternative school
North Toronto Collegiate Institute North Toronto Founded 1910 952 New North Toronto Collegiate Institute.JPG
Northern Secondary School North Toronto Founded 1930 1733 Gifted Program Northern Secondary, Toronto.JPG
Northview Heights Secondary School Branson Founded 1957 1508 Northview Heights Secondary School.JPG
Oakwood Collegiate Institute Oakwood Founded 1908 793 Oakwood Collegiate Institute.JPG
Oasis Alternative Secondary School King and Spadina 111 Alternative school
Overflow Centre Bendale 83
Parkdale Collegiate Institute Parkdale, Toronto Founded 1888 635 IB World School Parkdale Colleiate Institute.JPG
R. H. King Academy Cliffcrest Founded 1922 1234 RH King Academy.JPG
Richview Collegiate Institute Richview Founded 1958 912
Riverdale Collegiate Institute Riverdale Founded 1907 1200 Riverdale CI From Jones (Phone).jpg
Rosedale Heights School of the Arts Rosedale Building formerly Castle Frank High School 957 Arts school Rosedale Heights School of the Arts.JPG
Runnymede Collegiate Institute Runnymede Founded 1927 555 Runnymede Collegiate Institute.JPG
Satec at W.A.Porter Collegiate Clairlea 1958 1143 Technology focused school Satec at WA Porter Collegiate.JPG
SEED School Riverdale Founded 1968 50 Alternative school
Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy Richview, Toronto 1960 534 Entrepreneurship based Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy.JPG
School of Experiential Education Etobicoke Founded 1971 71 Alternative school School of Experiential Education.JPG
School of Life Experience East Danforth 171 Alternative school
Silverthorn Collegiate Institute Etobicoke Founded 1966 1171
Sir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute Agincourt Founded 1963 1329 Sir John A Macdonald Collegiate Institute.JPG
Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute West Hill Founded 1970 1128
Sir Robert L. Borden Business and Technical Institute West Hill 1965 689
Sir Sandford Fleming Academy Lawrence Manor 379 Closed June 2011 and replaced by John Polanyi Collegiate Institute in September 2011. Now used by Dante Alighieri Beatrice.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute Guildwood Founded 1965 1350 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Collegiate Institute, Scarborough.jpg
Sir William Osler High School Agincourt 303 Special needs school Sir William Osler High School.JPG
South-East Year-Round Alternative Centre Scarborough Junction 53 Alternative school
Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute Tam O'Shanter 1970 887 Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute.JPG
Subway Academy I The Pocket 1973 178 Alternative school
Subway Academy II Baldwin Village Founded 1976 73 Alternative school Subway Academy Two.JPG
The Student School High Park North Founded 1979 139 Alternative school Ursula Franklin Academy.jpg
Tabor Park Vocational School Scarborough 1966-1986 Closed, became the first home of SCAS from 1986-1989, operating today as Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School.JPG
Thistletown Collegiate Institute Rexdale Founded 1957 729 Thistletown Collegiate Institute.jpg
Timothy Eaton Business and Technical Institute L'Amoreaux Closed 2009 357 Closed at end of 2009 school year[2] Timothy Eaton Business and Technical Institute.JPG
Ursula Franklin Academy High Park North Founded 1995 512 Special teaching program Ursula Franklin Academy.jpg
Vaughan Road Academy Oakwood-Vaughan Founded 1927 706 IB World School, INTERACT Program Vaughan road academy mon.jpeg
Victoria Park Collegiate Institute Parkwoods, Toronto Founded 1960 1341 IB World School Vicparkci.jpg
Vincent Massey Collegiate Institute Etobicoke 1961–1985 Closed, today Michael Power/St. Joseph High School
West End Alternative School Korea Town 137 Alternative school
West Hill Collegiate Institute West Hill Founded 1955 1190
West Humber Collegiate Institute Smithfield Founded 1966 980 West Humber Collegiate Institute.JPG
West Toronto Collegiate Dufferin Grove Founded 1972 376 Closed West Toronto Collegiate.jpg
Western Technical-Commercial School High Park North Founded 1927 991 Also home to Ursula Franklin Academy and The Student School/ Gifted Program Ursula Franklin Academy.jpg
Weston Collegiate Institute Weston Founded 1857 1234 IB World School
Westview Centennial Secondary School Jane and Finch Founded 1967 1176
Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts Wexford Founded 1965 1139 Arts school Wexford Collegiate Institute.JPG
William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute Bathurst Manor Founded 1960 1110 MaCS Program (Science, Math, Computers & English enriched program) / Gifted Program Mackenzie school1.JPG
Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute Dorset Park Founded 1953 1021 Winston Churchill Collegiate Institute.JPG
Woburn Collegiate Institute Woburn Founded 1963 1408 Gifted Program Woburn Collegiate Institute CI.jpg
Year Round Alternative School Lawrence Heights 44
York Humber High School Weston 280
York Humber Secondary School Weston 1960? Closed, today Blessed Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School. Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary School.JPG
York Memorial Collegiate Institute Keelesdale Founded 1929 1121 York Memo Coll.JPG
York Mills Collegiate Institute York Mills Founded 1957 1187 York Mills Collegiate.JPG

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