Claude de Choiseul-Francières

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Claude de Choiseul-Francières

Claude de Choiseul-Francières (January 1, 1632 – March 15, 1711) was count of Choiseul, marquis of Francières, seigneur d'Yroüerre, and a Marshal of France beginning in 1693.

Claude de Choiseul-Francières was the son of Louis de Francières, baron and later marquis of Francières, seigneur d'Yroüerre and of Catherine de Nicey.

He distinguished himself in the Battle of Seneffe against the Dutch Republic.
He was brigadier in 1667, Maréchal de camp in 1669, Lieutenant-general in 1676 and finally Marshal of France in 1693.

On May 5, 1658, he married Catherine (died October 17, 1710), daughter of Gaston de Renty, baron of Landelles. He was buried in the church of the Order of Picpus (57, rue de Picpus).[1] His remains were rediscovered in 1860 and reburied in the Père Lachaise Cemetery.