Claude de Thiard de Bissy

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Claude de Thiard de Bissy (13 October 1721, Paris – 26 September 1810, Pierre-de-Bresse)[1] was a French soldier. He served his military career, rising to lieutenant-général des armées du roi in 1762 (the same day as his younger brother Henri, comte de Thiard) and fighting in the conquest of Franche-Comté and becoming governor of Languedoc and Auxonne.


The son of Claude, 7th count of Bissy (died 2 July 1723) and Sylvie Angélique Andrault de Langeron, he was thus a descendent of the poet Pontus de Tyard. He was elected a member of the Académie française in 1750 and remained a member for 60 years. He wrote a Histoire d'Ema ou de l'âme (1752).


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  1. ^ Full name – Claude VIII, Count of Bissy

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