Claude of France (1547–1575)

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Claude of Valois
Duchess consort of Lorraine
Claude of Valois1.jpg
Born (1547-11-12)12 November 1547
Died 21 February 1575(1575-02-21) (aged 27)
Nancy, France
Spouse Charles III, Duke of Lorraine
Issue Henry II, Duke of Lorraine
Christina, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine
Antoinette, Duchess of Jülich-Cleves-Berg
Anne of Lorraine
Francis II, Duke of Lorraine
Catherine, Abbess of Remiremont
Elisabeth Renata, Electress of Bavaria
Claude of Lorraine
House Valois-Angoulême
Father Henry II of France
Mother Catherine de' Medici

Claude of France (12 November 1547, Fontainebleau – 21 February 1575, Nancy) was a French Princess as the second daughter of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici, and Duchess consort of Lorraine by marriage to Charles III, Duke of Lorraine.


Claude was raised alongside her sister Elisabeth, the future Queen of Spain, and her future sister-in-law, Mary, Queen of Scots. She was married on 19 January 1559, at the age of 11, to Charles III, Duke of Lorraine. Claude was victim of the unhealthy traits that Catherine appeared to pass on to her children (with the exception of Marguerite) and suffered from a hunchback and club foot.

Claude died in childbirth in 1575 at the age of 27.


Claude and her husband had nine children:


There is a character on the CW show, Reign named Claude. She is portrayed by British actress Rose Williams. However, the Reign character is depicted as beautiful, spoiled and promiscuous and has more in common with the historical Claude's younger sister Marguerite.


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Claude of France (1547–1575)
Cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty
Born: 12 November 1547 Died: 21 February 1575
Preceded by
Christina of Denmark
Duchess of Lorraine
Succeeded by
Margerita Gonzaga