Claudia Geiringer

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Claudia Geiringer
Born 1968
Residence New Zealand

Claudia Geiringer (born 1968) is a New Zealand professor of law.

Academic career[edit]

Geiringer did an LLB at Victoria University of Wellington, a BA (Hons) at the University of Otago and a LLM at Columbia Law School in New York City as a Fulbright Scholar, an Ethel Benjamin Scholar and a James Kent Scholar.[1] From 1996-2001 Geiringer work as Crown Counsel in the Bill of Rights team at the Crown Law Office.[1] She received Marsden funding in the 2013 round.[2]

Selected Works[edit]

  • Seeing the world whole : essays in honour of Sir Kenneth Keith
  • What's the hurry? : urgency in the New Zealand legislative process 1987-2010
  • The Dead Hand of the Bill of Rights? : Is the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 a Substantive Legal Constraint on Parliament's Power to Legislate?
  • On a Road to Nowhere : Implied Declarations of Inconsistency and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act
  • Historical background to the Muriwhenua land claim


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