Claudia Piñeiro

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Claudia Piñeiro
Born 1960
Nationality Argentine
Genre Crime fiction,
Mystery fiction
Notable awards Premio Femenino Singular
Premio Nadal

Claudia Piñeiro (born 1960) is an Argentine novelist and screenwriter, best known for her crime and mystery novels, most of which became best sellers in Argentina. She was born in Buenos Aires. She has won numerous literary prizes, among them the German LiBeraturpreis (de) for Elena Sabe and the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize for Las grietas de Jara.[1]

Four of her novels have been translated into English, by Bitter Lemon Press.,[2] as well as adapted into feature films.




  • Con las manos atadas, 2013 Buenos Aires: Interzona 2013
  • Tres viejas plumas, 2008 Buenos Aires: Interzona 2013
  • Morite, gordo, 2007 Buenos Aires: Interzona 2013
  • Verona, 2007 Buenos Aires: Interzona 2013
  • Un mismo árbol verde, 2006 Buenos Aires: Interzona 2013
  • Cuánto vale una heladera Buenos Aires: Ministerio de Educación 2005; Interzona 2013
  • Obra teatral Buenos Aires: Interzona 2013, 203 p. (consists of all the theater plays mentioned above)

Stories for children[edit]

  • Serafín, el escritor y la bruja (Buenos Aires: Ed. Don Bosco 2000, Alfaguara 2011, 85 p. Barcelona: Edebé 2000, 2007).
  • Un ladrón entre nosotros (Bogotá: Norma 2005, 92 p.).

For young readers[edit]

  • El fantasma de las invasiones inglesas (Buenos Aires: Norma 2010, 126 p.)