Claudine, Lady of Monaco

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Claudine Grimaldi
Lady of Monaco
Reign 1457–1458
Predecessor Catalan
Successor Lamberto
Born c.  1451
Died (1515-11-19)19 November 1515
Noble family Grimaldi
Spouse(s) Lambert of Monaco
Jean II, Lord of Monaco
Louis Grimaldi
Bianca Grimaldi
Augustino, Bishop of Grasse
Françoise Grimaldi
Lucien, Lord of Monaco
Father Catalan Grimaldi
Mother Blanche del Caretto

Claudine or Claudia (c. 1451 – 19 November 1515) was Lady regnant of Monaco between 1457 and 1458, and then Lady consort of Monaco as spouse of Lord Lambert of Monaco.

Claudine was the only child of her father, Catalan Grimaldi. At his death, her father stated in his will that she should marry her cousin to ensure that the Grimaldi family should keep the throne of Monaco. She became Lady of Monaco at her father's death in 1457, under the regency of her paternal grandmother, Pomelline Fregoso. After only one year of reign, she abdicated (1458) in favour of her cousin Lambert, her future spouse. In 1465, seven years after her abdication, she married Lambert and became Lady of Monaco as his spouse.

Upon Lambert's death in 1494, their son Jean became Lord of Monaco as Jean II. Claudine outived Jean, who was murdered in 1505 by his brother Lucien, the subsequent lord. Claudine died in 1515 during Lucien's reign.


Claudine had at least six children;

  • Jean II (1468 – 11 October 1505)
  • Louis (deemed insane and barred from the inheritance)
  • Bianca
  • Augustino, Bishop of Grasse (1482 – 14 April 1532)
  • Françoise (d. before 1523); married Luc Doria. Her son Bartholomew Doria murdered her brother Lucien.
  • Lucien (1487 – 22 August 1523)
Claudine, Lady of Monaco
Regnal titles
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Lady of Monaco
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