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Claudine Monteil in 2012

Claudine Monteil (born 1949) is a French writer, women's rights specialist, historian and a former French diplomat. She holds a Ph.D. based on study of Simone de Beauvoir's writings and life. Her mother, Dr Josiane Serre, was a chemist who became the director of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Jeunes Filles.[1] Her father is Fields Medal and Abel prize winning mathematician Jean-Pierre Serre.

Monteil is one of the founders of the women's rights movement in 1970 along with being a specialist on Simone de Beauvoir. While working on women's rights, she was a long close friend of Beauvoir, Jean-Paul Sartre and Beauvoir's sister, the painter Hélène de Beauvoir. Her writings on the Beauvoirs, Sartre and French feminism, have been translated into multiple languages.[2]

Claudine Monteil is now a retired French diplomat since the end of 2014. She has been working at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on different issues including the relations between France and institutions of the United Nations as, among others, UNICEF, UNFPA and UNESCO. She is publishing in 2016 the first biography on Eve Curie, youngest daughter of Pierre and Marie Curie, who was a heroe of World War II.


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  • Simone de Beauvoir, côté femme, Timée-éditions (English: Simone de Beauvoir, her story as a woman) - translated into Chinese and Japanese
  • Les Sœurs Beauvoir (English: The Beauvoir Sisters) - translated in English, Korean, Spanish, German, Chinese and Italian.
  • Les Amants de la liberté, Sartre et Beauvoir dans le siècle (English: The Lovers of Freedom, Sartre and Beauvoir in the Century) - translated into Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Romanian and Turkish
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New publication:

  • Eve Curie, l'autre fille de Pierre et Marie Curie (by-line " Eve Curie, the other daughter of Pierre and Marie Curie"),Editions Odile Jacob, 2016

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