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Pronunciation Italian pronunciation: [ˈklaudjo]
Spanish pronunciation: [ˈklauðjo]
European Portuguese: [ˈklauðju]
Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈklawdʒu]
Gender Male
Language(s) Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,
Other names
Related names Claudia

Claudio is an Italian and Spanish first name. In Portuguese it is accented Cláudio. In Catalan and Occitan it is Claudi.

Origin and history[edit]

Claudius was the name of an eminent Roman gens, the most important members of which were;

As a first name[edit]

The name Claudio became a popular first name due to the spread of Christianity during the Middle Ages. Claudio is also used in Spanish and in Portuguese, accented as Cláudio.

Claudio may refer to:

In fiction[edit]


Cláudio is the Portuguese words for Claudius, may refer to:



Artist name[edit]

Given name[edit]


in Catalan and Occitan:

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