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Claudio Bergamin is a Chilean/Italian digital artist and photographer. He works mainly with rock bands creating album covers and visual imagery. His work also includes advertising photography, digital matte painting and comic books.


Bergamin's style could be defined as fantasy illustration as well as fantasy photomanipulation. He uses combined tools like photography, digital illustration and Retouching to produce his artwork. He has created artwork for several rock and metal bands from Europe and America such as Paradox,[1] Criminal,[2] Fahrenheit,[3] At War,[4] north-American progressive band Circle II Circle,[5] polish band Made of Hate,[6] Chilean pop icons Lucybell,[7] the "metal god" Rob Halford, the Dutch musician Arjen Lucassen (for who created all the artwork of Lost in the New Real) and the classic Argentinean band Rata Blanca. On 2011 he started working almost full-time on "Tricentennial", a 130-page graphic novel to be released during 2012.[8]

Personal life[edit]

He studied Fine Arts in Valparaíso, Chile until he moved to Italy and then to London (UK) to work as a professional photographer and Retoucher for several years. He lives in Chile where he works full-time as an illustrator.[9][10]

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