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Claudio Grossman (born 1947) is a lawyer and law professor. Until the summer of 2016, he served as dean of the Washington College of Law of American University in Washington, D.C.. Grossman has also served as vice chair of the United Nations Committee Against Torture (2003-2008) and now as Chair (2008-present). He is a former member of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

Grossman was born in Santiago, Chile. He attended the law school at the University of Chile in Santiago. He received his Licenciado en Ciencias Jurídicas y Sociales in March 1971, with a summa cum laude thesis "Nacionalización y Compensación," coauthored with Carlos Portales.

Grossman served as a lecturer in the University of Chile's Faculty of Law in 1972 and as a research fellow at the Instituto de Estudios Internacionales (Institute of International Studies at the University of Chile in 1973.

From 1974-1980 Grossman was associate professor in international law at the Department of International Organizations of the Europa Institute of the Law School of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. In August 1980 Grossman earned the Doctor in de Rechtsgeleerdheid (Doctor of the Science of Law) at the University of Amsterdam. His thesis was Het Beginsel van Non-Interventie in de Organizatie van Amerikaanse Staten (The Principle of Non-Intervention in the Organization of American States).

From 1980-1983 Grossman was professor in international law at the Department of Law, Universiteit Twente.

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