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Dr. Claudio Stampi is the founder (in 1997), director and sole proprietor of the Chronobiology Research Institute which he runs from his home in Newton Massachusetts.[1] He is a researcher of the use of short naps in extreme conditions. Originally from Italy, he earned a doctorate in medicine (1977) from the University of Bologna in Italy; he later earned more specialized degrees in neurology and biomedical technologies (1983–84).[citation needed]

Stampi became interested in chronobiology in younger years when he noticed that a number of his fellow long distance sail boat racing comrades adopted a systematic polyphasic sleep pattern with minimal impairment. Stampi is an avid sailor - he participated in two global sail races, including the 1981-2 Whitbread Race, where he served as Chief Scientist and Skipper of the research yacht La Barca Laboratorio.[citation needed]


Publications include the following: Why We Nap: Evolution, Chronobiology, and Functions of Polyphasic and Ultrashort Sleep (1992)


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