Claudius Bombarnac

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Claudius Bombarnac
'Claudius Bombarnac' by Léon Benett 01.jpg
AuthorJules Verne
Original titleClaudius Bombarnac
IllustratorLéon Benett
SeriesThe Extraordinary Voyages #38
GenreAdventure novel
PublisherPierre-Jules Hetzel
Publication date
Published in English
Media typePrint (Hardback)
Preceded byCarpathian Castle 
Followed byFoundling Mick 

Claudius Bombarnac (French: Claudius Bombarnac, 1893) is an adventure novel written by Jules Verne.


Claudius Bombarnac, a reporter is assigned by the Twentieth Century to cover the travels of the Grand Transasiatic Railway which runs between Uzun Ada, a harbour on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea, and Peking, China. Accompanying him on this journey is an interesting collection of characters, including one who is trying to beat the round the world record and another who is a stowaway. Claudius hopes one of them will become the hero of his piece, so his story won't be just a boring travelogue. He is not disappointed when a special car guarded by troops is added to the train, said to be carrying the remains of a great Mandarin. The great Mandarin actually turns out to be a large consignment being returned to China from Persia. Unfortunately the train must travel through a large part of China that is controlled by unscrupulous robber-chiefs. Before the journey is over, Claudius finds his hero.

Alternate English Titles[edit]

  • The Special Correspondent
  • The Adventures of a Special Correspondent
  • The Adventures of a Special Correspondent in Central Asia
  • Claudius Bombarnac: Special Correspondent

Publication history[edit]

  • 1894, UK, London: Sampson Low. 279 pp., First UK edition
  • 1894, US, New York: Lovell, Coryell and Co., 279 pp., First United States edition, as The Special Correspondent, or The Adventures of Claudius Bombarnac

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