Claudius Drusus

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Tiberius Claudius Drusus (Classical Latin: CLAVDIVS•DRVSVS or CLAVDIVS•DRVSVS•CLAVDII•FILIVS;[1] c. AD 16 – AD 20[citation needed]) was the eldest son of the future Roman Emperor Claudius with his first wife Plautia Urgulanilla. He had one younger sister, Claudia, who was repudiated by Claudius along with Plautia.

Born before his father became emperor, Claudius was betrothed to a daughter of Sejanus; this betrothal filled Sejanus, then just a prefect, with unfulfilled hopes.[2] In AD 20, Claudius Drusus was playing and he tossed a pear high in the air. When it came back, he caught it in his mouth but he choked on it. He died of asphyxiation. At the time, it was suspected that he had been murdered by Sejanus himself, but Suetonius did not believe that.[3]


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