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Claustrophobia[1] is a Russian escape room franchise. 142 quests (as they call escape rooms in Russia) have been opened under this brand in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Andorra, Estonia, and Germany. 120 more quests are under development[2] in Great Britain, Spain, Azerbaijan, and Switzerland. Claustrophobia was included in the “Best in the City” list by Afisha[3] in 2014, and was nominated for RBK Prize 2014 in the “Startup of the Year”[4] category.


A team of 2 to 4 players is locked in a room for 60 minutes. They have to leave the room during that time by solving thematic puzzles[5] that test their quick wit, by interacting with various items and using logic. If one hour was not enough to complete the quest, the doors will still open, but the players will leave defeated. First quests under Claustrophobia's brand, Soviet Apartment, and Psychiatric Hospital appeared in Moscow in December 2013.[6] There is a wide range of quest scenarios, allowing players to experience various stories, including adventures in abandoned castles, dungeons, on spaceships, in a maniac’s lair, and many others. While developing each quest, the authors create ultimately realistic settings and special effects, trying to avoid using numerous tasks and puzzles more than once.


Claustrophobia started concluding first franchising agreements as early as December 2013,[7] while first franchised quests — The Sing-Sing Escape and Australia Motel were opened in Moscow in March 2014.[8] First quests in St. Petersburg started operating in May, and an office in Nizhny Novgorod followed up in June.

Claustrophobia performance[edit]

Claustrophobia presented a new format – Performance[9] – in September 2014. This is a mix of a game and an interactive performance with real actors, where players become main characters and manage the plot development. In contrast to classic escape rooms, this format focuses on adrenaline and emotions rather than on solving various logical puzzles. The first Claustrophobia's escape room with live actors — The Collector — immersed the players into the atmosphere of genuine horror, allowing them to experience every dimension of fear. For now, there is three Claustrophobia's escape rooms with live actors in Moscow: Obsession, Makeup, and Cost of Immortality.

Other areas of activity[edit]

In August 2015, Claustrophobia launched a new area of activity – escape rooms for children. Currently, there are three of them in Moscow: Red Dwarves' Dungeon, Kikoriki and Baba Yaga's Mysteries. These quests are aimed at developing attention and logic in children, and puzzles in children’s escape rooms are not so difficult if compared to adult ones. Besides, children complete these quests being accompanied by entertainers. The players should be 5 to 14 years old. An absolutely new format was launched in the summer of 2016 – Claustrophobia's Arcade, which is an amusement park with lots of great action minigames, inspired by classic arcade machines.


Country City Quest
Andorra Andorra An Avalanche of Oblivion
Cinema despair
Estonia Tallinn Gravity
Baker street, 221 B
The stormy ocean
Germany Berlin Vault 13
Museum of contemporary art
Pirate’s Hut