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Clawster as he appeared in the graphic novel 'The Death of Superman'

Clawster is a fictional character owned by DC Comics who exists in that company's DC Universe. He is a resident of the artificial planet, Warworld.

Fictional character biography[edit]

When Brainiac's invasion with Warworld is stopped, a group of aliens from Warworld come to the Earth city of Metropolis.[1] Clawster has the group steal weapons; Superman tries but fails to stop them.[2]

This faction, led by Clawster, an extremely durable rock-like entity, repair and utilize machines taking from Warworld to conquer 'Underworld', a society of outcasts living under the streets of Metropolis. They are brought to the attention of Superman when they take over an underground power station and threaten Lois Lane. Clawster is later detained at Project Cadmus, a scientific facility. He later manages to free himself. Clawster and several of his allies encounter the rampaging monster Doomsday, who, at the time, was in a running battle with many superheroes. Doomsday slays some part of the group. However, Clawster is not killed.

Post-Superman's death, Supergirl and Dan Turpin investigate under Metropolis and end up battling Clawster and his men. Supergirl falsely believes it was the 'Underworlders' who stole Superman's body.[3]

At one point, several of Clawster's underground allies, clones, become very ill. Believing it to be a human conspiracy, they arm themselves with the fictional 'Toasmaster' rifles, weapons made by the corrupt company Amertek and designed by John Henry Irons for the military before he left after the weapons fell into the hands of terrorists and were used to kill innocent civilians. Clawster leads an attack against Metropolis; the city is already being literally torn apart by various other crises. [4] The attack continues; a war wages through Metropolis between the police, Lex-Corp soldiers, the Underworlders and Project Cadmus soldiers. Clawster defeats and injures the Cadmus operative Guardian. [5] Paul Westfield, director of Cadmus, tries to murder Clawster and his men with missiles but Superman stops the weapons.[6]

In other media[edit]

Clawster is featured as a sub-boss to the 16-bit game The Death and Return of Superman for the SNES and Sega Genesis.


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