Clay Jam

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Clay Jam
Clay Jam logo.jpg
Developer(s) Fat Pebble
Publisher(s) Zynga
Platform(s) Mobile
Release iOS, Android
Nov. 29, 2012
Genre(s) Claymation
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Clay Jam is a claymation mobile game created by UK developer Fat Pebble and published by Zynga for iOS and Android mobile devices.[1][2] The handmade, stop-motion game was created in a UK garage by Fat Pebble developers. In the game, players guide a clay ball over a series of hills with the objective of squashing monsters on the way down.[3]


Clay Jam is Brighton, England-based developer Fat Pebble's first game as an independent studio.[3] To produce the game's graphics, art director Chris Roe modeled monsters out of 44 pounds of clay and used 400 toothpicks to scaffold the designs.[1] Roe created the claymation scenes in his garage, taking 2040 stop-motion frames.[2] Everyday objects were used to create the sound effects and local musicians were employed to produce the game's music.[3] Zynga published Clay Jam on November 29, 2012, for iOS and Android as its first claymation title.[1] The game is the fifth title in the Zynga Partners for Mobile program, Zynga's effort to help third parties publish mobile games while increasing Zynga's presence on mobile devices.[2][4] Launched in June 2012, the partnership includes Fat Pebble, Atari, Crash Lab, Phosphor Games Studio and Sava Transmedia.[4]


The goal of the game is to squash as many clay monsters as possible.[5] As the clay ball rolls down a hill,[2] the ball grows larger and rolls faster as it squashes beasts.[3] As the ball nears the end of the course, players try to flick it as far as possible.[5] The further the ball goes, the more points a player scores, enabling them to unlock new levels, themes and monsters.[5] The game includes a total of 130 quests and five hills to master.[2]

The base game is free to play, and all the content can be unlocked by playing the game or through in-app purchases.[6]


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