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Claydee Lupa
Claydee Lupa B&W.jpeg
Claydee Lupa
Background information
Birth nameKlejdi Llupa
Also known asClaydee Lupa, Bang La Decks
Born (1985-06-07) June 7, 1985 (age 34)
Puka, Albania
GenresPop, dance-pop, house, RnB
Occupation(s)Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Music executive
Years active2008–present
LabelsDown2Earth, Ultra Music, Sony, Minos-EMI, Universal,
Associated actsSakis Rouvas, Playmen, Tamta, Eleni Foureira

Klejdi Llupa (Greek: Κλάιντι Λούπα; born 7 June 1985), professionally known as Claydee Lupa and Bang La Decks, is an Albanian-Greek music artist, producer, songwriter and music executive.[1] He is one of the most promising young artists who emerged on the Greek music scene in the last few years and who has already have international hits both as a singer and as a producer and songwriter. His song "Mamacita Buena" became the first Spanish Pop Song on YouTube to receive more than 27,000,000 views within a year after its release.[2] His genre fits under dance-pop, RnB and house music category.

Early life[edit]

Claydee was born in Albania and moved to Athens, Greece with his family at the age of four.[3] Graduating from high school, he pursued a degree in Audio Engineering at SAE (International Technology College) which he completed successfully in 2006 and a year later, he obtained a BA in Recording Arts from Middlesex University. After concluding his degrees, in 2008, he went on to work at MTV Greece.


Producer and songwriter[edit]

While working for MTV Greece he acquired the necessary experience which, combined with his talent and musical skills, resulted in his first recognition as a producer and a songwriter, under his alias Beetkraft, with the song "The End" by Reckless[4] which was released by Sony Music Greece and reached a top-rank position in the UK Club Charts. He then went on to write and produce under his real name, the Track of the Year at the 2011 MADTv Awards[5] "Last Summer" sung by Nikos Ganos. The track was released by Heaven Music in Greece and in 35 countries internationally. Moreover, in 2011, he co-wrote "Tonight" with Playmen sung by Tamta which reached No.1 in the airplay charts in Greece. Songs under his alias Beetkraft, include "Agries diatheseis" by Kostas Martakis, "Niose tin Kardia" by Tamta (in which he raps as well) and "To allo sou miso" for Sakis Rouvas, featured in his double platinum album Parafora. Using his real name, he wrote the music for "Taxidepse me", a hit of Stratos STAN Antipariotis, co-wrote "Hey you!" for Nikki Ponte, "Na m'agapas" and "Thelo" for Dimension-X, "Chiki-Chiki" and "Heleya" for Nicole Paparistodemou aka Nikki Lee.

Claydee recording his new album in 2013

Personal work[edit]

As an artist, he released his first personal track "Call me" which was awarded the Best Dance Video Clip at the MADTv Awards in 2011.[6] His second track "Deep Inside", a pop/dance track, was widely loved by the audience in the winter of 2011.[7] Nevertheless, his big success arrived in the summer of 2012 with the international hit "Mamacita Buena" which became the first Greek song with the most views on YouTube[8] and reached No.1 at the airplay chart in Greece while simultaneously being released internationally by Ultra Music.[9] His international success was appreciated by the MTV Europe Music Awards as he was nominated for Best Greek Act Award.[10] Consequently, Claydee released his next big hit "Sexy Papi" which reached the No.1 in the airplay charts in countries such as Greece, Poland and Serbia[11] while Coca-Cola in Greece chose him to go on tour with the brand for the summer of 2013. His international success has resulted in him performing in different countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Canada, United States, Sweden and Italy and alongside Sakis Rouvas, Eleni Foureira, Onirama at Athens Arena.

Down 2 Earth Records[edit]

In 2010, Claydee co-created "Down2Earth" with his friend Evan Klimakis which is a music industry consulting and artist development company. It recently launched Down2Earth Records, a mainstream dance label. Down2Earth represents exclusively for the world artists such as Claydee, The Fade, Cristi, Phatjak, Johnny Gerontakis and Nikki Lee while providing services such as creative consulting, artist development, music production, music video production and licensing & promotion.

Personal life[edit]

Some years after his establishment in Greece, he legally took the name, Nikodimos. Claydee is also a professional Latin dancer. He's also father of a two-year-old son.[12]



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