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Claydee Lupa
Claydee Lupa B&W.jpeg
Claydee Lupa
Klejdi Lupa

(1985-06-07) 7 June 1985 (age 37)
Tirana, Albania
Other namesClaydee
Musical career
  • Producer
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • music executive
Years active2008–present

Klejdi Lupa (Greek: Κλέιντι Λούπα; born 7 June 1985), known professionally as Claydee, is a Greek-Albanian singer, songwriter and producer.[1][2] He has produced works that fall into the dance-pop, RnB and house music categories. His songs have charted as Top 10 hits in countries such as Greece, Spain, Albania, Russia, Poland, Cyprus and Serbia.[3] His songs have also surpassed 582 million streams and YouTube views combined.[3]

Life and career[edit]

Lupa was born in Albania and moved to Athens, Greece, with his family at the age of four.[4] Graduating from high school, he pursued a degree in Audio Engineering at SAE (International Technology College) that he completed in 2006. A year later, he obtained a BA in Recording Arts from Middlesex University. After concluding his degrees, in 2008, he went on to work at MTV Greece.

Lupa released his first personal track "Call Me" which was awarded the Best Dance Video Clip at the MADTv Awards in 2011.[5] His second track, "Deep Inside", was a pop-dance track.[6] In the summer of 2012 he released the international hit "Mamacita Buena" which became the first song produced in Greece to have the most views on YouTube[7] and reached No.1 at the airplay chart in Greece while simultaneously being released internationally by Ultra Music.[8] The song was also featured in the NBC TV series Telenovela, which stars Eva Longoria.[9] He was nominated for Best Greek Act Award at the MTV Europe Music Awards.[10]

His single "Sexy Papi" reached the No.1 in the airplay charts in countries such as Greece, Poland and Serbia[11] while Coca-Cola in Greece chose him to go on tour with the brand for the summer of 2013. He performed in a number of countries, including Cyprus, Albania, Serbia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Canada, United States, Sweden and Italy and at Athens Arena.

In 2010, Claydee co-created "Down2Earth Music", a music industry consulting and artist development company, with his friend Evan Klimakis. It launched Down2Earth Records, a mainstream dance label.

In 2015, Lupa released the song "Utopia" with his side project Bang La Decks.[12] The song was featured in the video game FIFA 15 and the TV series Power and Teen Wolf. An adaptation of the song titled "How Bad Do You Want It" with vocals by Shevyn Streeter was also included in the soundtrack for the film Furious 7.[13]

Claydee recording his new album in 2013

In 2018, Lupa released the song "Later Bitches" with his musical side project The Prince Karma. It reached #12 on the Worldwide Shazam Chart and amassed more than 150 million Spotify streams.[14] The song was later used for the beer company Desperados' "We Are the Party" advertising campaign in 2020.[15] It was eventually certified Platinum in France and Gold in Germany.

Claydee collaborated with Greek singer Eleni Foureira on the song "Loquita" in 2019.[16] The song won the "Best Duet" award at the MAD Video Music Awards in 2020.[17]

Claydee released the single "Detente" in 2021. The song became viral on TikTok, amassing more than 9 million views.[3]

Producer and songwriter[edit]

Experience he gained while working for MTV Greece led to work as a producer and a songwriter, under his alias Beetkraft, beginning with the song "The End" by Reckless,[18] which was released by Sony Music Greece and reached a top-rank position in the UK Club Charts. He went on to write and produce, under his real name, "Last Summer" sung by Nikos Ganos, the Track of the Year at the 2011 MAD TV Awards.[5] The track was released by Heaven Music in Greece and in 35 countries internationally.

In 2011, he co-wrote "Tonight" with Playmen, sung by Tamta, which reached No.1 in the airplay charts in Greece. Songs under his alias Beetkraft include "Agries diatheseis" by Kostas Martakis, "Niose tin Kardia" by Tamta (in which he raps as well) and "To allo sou miso" for Sakis Rouvas, featured in his double platinum album Parafora.

Personal life[edit]

Some years after his establishment in Greece, Lupa legally took the name Nikodimos.[19] He is also a professional Latin dancer. He has a son, born in 2016.[20]


Association Nominee / Work Year Award Result
Mad Video Music Awards "Call Me" (with Dimension-X) 2011 Best Video Clip – Dance Won[21][22]
Mad Video Music Awards "Do It" 2014 Best Video Clip – Dance Won[23][24][25]
Mad Video Music Awards "Do It" 2014 Best Dance Act in Video Clip Nominated[24]
Mad Video Music Awards "Loquita" (with Eleni Foureira) 2020 Best Duet Won[26]


Producer and Songwriter[edit]

Year Work
2008 Christos Hatzinasios and Nancy Alexiadi – "Kakomathimeno"
2009 Taki Tsan – "Akoma Zontanos"
2010 Nikos Ganos – "Last Summer"
2010 Reckless – "The End"
2010 Sakis Rouvas – "To allo sou miso"
2011 Beetkraft ft.Rukus – "Player"
2011 Kostas Martakis – "Agries diatheseis"
2011 Stratos STAN Antipariotis – "Taxidepse Me"
2011 Dimension X feat. Nikki Ponte – "Hey You"
2011 Dimension X – "Na m'agapas"
2011 Playmen & Claydee feat. Tamta – "Tonight"
2012 Tamta – "Niose tin kardia"
2012 Dimension X – "Thelo"
2012 Katerina Stikoudi – "Mi"
2012 Nikki Lee – "Chiki Chiki"
2013 Nikki Lee – "Heleya"
2013 Eleftheria Eleftheriou – "Teliosame"
2014 Eleftheria Eleftheriou – "Gia Sena"
2019 Eleni Foureira – "Barcelona"
2019 Era Istrefi feat. Nora Istrefi – "Nuk E Di"
2020 El Capon – "Shut Up Chicken" (co-written with Basshunter, Thomas Jules and Ilkay Sencan)
2020 Eleni Foureira – "Yayo"[27]

Claydee Singles[edit]

Year Song
2010 Call Me
2011 Deep Inside
2012 Mamacita Buena
2013 Sexy Papi
2013 Watching Over You – featuring Dimension X
2013 Do It – featuring Ruby[28][29]
2014 Hey Ma – featuring Alex Velea[30]
2014 Because Of You – featuring Katie Bell
2015 Who – featuring Faydee
2015 Te Quiero – featuring Dave Audé
2016 Alena
2017 Notayo featuring Kirsten Collins
2017 Dame Dame featuring Lexy Panterra
2018 Licky featuring Jenn Morel
2019 Gitana featuring Lil Eddie
2019 Loquita featuring Eleni Foureira
2020 Rikita featuring Mente Fuerte
2021 Como Te Llamas[31]
2021 Detente[32]
2021 La Luna y Tu featuring Smiley
2021 Culo
2021 Dirty (On The Phone)
2021 Tequila
2021 Awoof featuring Emy Perez[33]

As The Prince Karma[edit]

Year Song
2018 Later Bitches[22]
2019 No More[34]
2020 Superstar[35]
2020 Rick James[35]
2020 It's The DJ featuring Ron Carroll[35]
2021 I Wanna Know What Love Is[36]
2021 I'll Be There featuring Dawty Music[36]

Work with Bang La Decks[edit]

Year Song
2012 Kuedon (Obsession)[37]
2014 Zouka[38]
2015 Utopia[39]
2015 Aide[40][41]
2016 Montego
2016 Okinawa[42]
2016 Baracoa
2018 Krepale[43]
2020 GQOM[44]


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